We are still small and just born, but our standards for people and the planet are already the highest.

Being sustainable is all about making ethical decisions within the enterprise when dealing with the manufacturing of our products, without harshly impacting on the environment or the safety of humans.

Making sustainable choices within the packaging design is quite challenging for an indie brand: the minimum production quantities are always too high.
But we are proud of the amazing packaging choices we were able to make,
which allowed us to design waterless formulas, with no preservatives included.
Furthermore, we have chosen only the best ingredients that the skin can accept and that the environment can dispose of, without compromise.


Molds and bacteria grow in the presence of water, meaning that adding preservatives is necessary when a cosmetic product contains water.
Some preservatives are directly harmful to individuals' health as well as the planet, while others may only cause mild skin irritation. 
In any case, some preservatives are not really good for you.

Waterless formulas are here to allow us to eliminate the need for preservatives, paving the way for a less-is-more approach.
The other obvious benefit of a waterless formula is the water savings generated. An environmental benefit that adds up to others: less packaging required; lighter weight in transporting them.
Our waterless formula is equipped with physical filters, bio retinol, and vitamin E.
Waterless is just good for our skin, and the planet.


80% of the plastic water bottles we buy are disposed into landfills — even by you.
It takes up to 1,000 years for every single bottle of water to decompose. Each bottle leaks harmful chemicals (like phthalates) into our environment along the way as it decomposes.

Our mission is to provide skincare that is better in every way, and we believe that the right packaging is not only harmless, but actively helpful to the planet.
HEMERYNE comes in a material that partially contributes to clearing up the environment from billions of plastic bottles. The single-dose vials are made out of 80% of recycled PET bottles and will be sold in 100% recyclable cardboard containers - a lovely gesture towards the environment and a very practical ritual for my customers.


Are our single-dose vials perfect? No. But they're definitely the best solution we could come up with so far — and cute, too!
However, we are working every day to find new ways of improving our product and its packaging in the seek for even more sustainability.
For instance, the outer box is probably going to become a bag, delivered to your door every 3 months or so. This would save the quantity and frequency of shipments: fewer emissions, less paper, less time, and less money.
Our final goal is to use an even more sustainable material for our packaging, maybe something biodegradable. We will keep looking for new opportunities.